Constellio, the software within your organization

Unify acces to your information


Competitive prices

No limit on document storage, no user limit !


Access to your information has never been easier.

Digital information is growing at a rate of 50 % per year. Until now, we considered this a problem, now it is considered an exploitable ressource.


Decrease the time spent for searching within your documents by 53%.

The federated search reduces the time spent searching for information within an organization by 53%" - Nielsen Group

Latest news

Rida Benjelloun, DocuLibre/Constellio's CEO was nominated as the VETIQ's vice president....
For the second time this year , Rida Benjelloun, CEO of DocuLibre/Constellio, accompanied Régis Labeaume on his economic mission in Silicon Valley, California. Last March during the his first mission...


What is information and how should we manage it? Whether it's your documents, emails or the content of your website, the information must be well organized, consistent, accessible to teams and...

DocuLibre will present Constellio on April 13, 2010 at the event "Professional Software and Open Technologies in Laval" to be held at the winery Chateau Taillefer Lafon Laval.


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