Constellio gives you the opportunity to find relevent information in your data assets

The OpenSource solution
for Enterprise Search

Constellio is the first complete
Open Source enterprise content search

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NO licence fees | NO user number limit | NO limit on indexed documents

Enterprise Search
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Constellio offers a solution that is easy to install and handy to use.

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Standalone version and source code are available for download. Please login first.
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Our team supports organizations in migrating, maintaining and optimizing their search engine. We also offer certifications to ensure a rigorous standard of quality and professionalism from our partners.


Latest news

This version is not a final 2.0 release. More milestones will be released until the final 2.0. This version is not recommended for production purposes. Fixes (M2) :
  • Field will be always be...
Constellio is the first complete Enterprise Search solution which is fully open source. Based on Google Search Appliance and Apache Solr. Constellio allows, by a single search, to find all available...


What is information and how should we manage it? Whether it's your documents, emails or the content of your website, the information must be well organized, consistent, accessible to teams and...

DocuLibre will present Constellio on April 13, 2010 at the event "Professional Software and Open Technologies in Laval" to be held at the winery Chateau Taillefer Lafon Laval.


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